Life Cycle Management Coaching Program

You need more than a course, you need a mentor

You have A LOT on your plate as a manager of critical assets. You need a mentor, a coach, to guide you through your learning and implementation of life cycle management fundamentals. This exclusive program gives you what you need to learn and implement successful change in your asset life cycle management journey. Combine coursework with coaching from Lucas Marino to reach your goals today! *Limited seats available*

Strategic Root Cause Analysis Program Design

Establish an RCA program that guarantees a return on investment

We spend a lot of time worrying about failures but the root cause is the real enemy. Let our coach help you build a root cause analysis program that helps identify and eliminate the enemies of progress in your business.

Keep More of Your Money

Programs that produce value are one relationship away

  • FREE Initial Assessment

    We identify current program strengths and weaknesses during an initial consultation.

  • Define Requirements

    Next, we assess your team, mission, and resources to identify program requirements.

  • Gap Analysis

    Third, we perform a gap analysis to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

  • Solution Development and Implementation

    It's time to design and implement your program! We provide a framework and facilitation to take your solution from notional to applied!