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Strategic Reliability Solutions Limited is focused on enhancing the knowledge base of our clients through the provision of consulting and training programs targeted to niche areas of lubrication and reliability. After working in the lubrication industry, it was evident that the main focus was to ensure that the industrial plants were operating at all costs! Once achieved, the efficiency factor is then brought to the forefront. Efficiency can only be achieved where processes have been examined, results documented and changes executed. Reliability constitutes an integral role in successfully increasing efficiency. In the past, the word reliability has been thrown around but never implemented. Most companies struggle with its implementation and may need someone outside of the organization to properly assess the culture and implement the most appropriate reliability measures. This will effectively assist in raising the quality of the products, improving the efficiency of the operation and boosting ROI. Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd aims to ensure that the customer invites reliability back into their workplace and allows it become part of their culture. Through customized training programs and certification from accredited institutions, Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd will ensure that reliability becomes part of the customer’s culture. Click the button below to learn more about Strategic Reliability Solutions, Ltd!

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Strategic Reliability Solutions Managing Director and Senior Consultant

Principal Lubrication Engineering Instructor Sanya Mathura

Sanya is the Founder of Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd based in Trinidad and operates in the capacity of Managing Director and Senior Consultant. She works with global affiliates in the areas of Reliability and Asset Management to bring these speciality niches to her clients. Sanya possesses a strong engineering background with a BSc in Electrical & Computer Engineering and MSc in Engineering Asset Management. After completion of her thesis “An investigation into the root causes of lubricant degradation in critical equipment in an Ammonia complex”, she was made aware of the plight that reliability faces within and outside of the Caribbean. As such, she decided to ensure that every attempt was made to make reliability the backbone upon which the industry operates by forming Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd. She has recently attained her MLE (Machinery Lubrication Engineer) certification from ICML (International Council of Machinery Lubrication) and is the first in her country to secure this certification albeit the first female as well. Sanya has worked in the lubrication industry for the past several years and has used her engineering background to assist various industries with lubrication related issues both locally in Trinidad and Tobago, regionally and internationally. She has solved lubrication problems and provided training in the Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Construction and Transportation sectors.