Reliability Centered Maintenance Pillar

Join Conscious Reliability for our most comprehensive and flexible courses! These expertly crafted and delivered Reliability Centered Maintenance-Reengineered courses are designed for practitioners seeking RCM certification and well-rounded training with elements of asset and engineering management. Four weeks of hybrid awesomeness ensure learners get the best of both worlds: a healthy measure of live webinar instruction from master instructor, Jesus Sifonte, and on-demand self-study each week. Upon completion, learners are prepared to perform as RCM analysts and take their careers and RCM programs to the next level! Courses available in both English and Spanish.

Meet Your Instructor!

Experience training from RCM subject matter expert, Jesus Sifonte!

Instructor, Director of Conscious Reliability Jesús R. Sifonte

Thought leader, conference speaker, consultant, instructor, and coach on asset reliability and maintenance. Creator of RCM-R®, an optimized approach of the original RCM methodology, and co-author of the Publication Reliability Centered Maintenance - Reengineered (RCM-R®): Practical Optimization of the RCM Process with RCM-R®. Jesús holds a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico, a Master of Maintenance and Reliability Engineering Degree from Monash University in Australia and, ASNT level 3A Vibration Analyst, among other professional credentials. Jesús is Co-Founder of Conscious Reliability, President of PdMtech, a service and consulting firm founded in 2001 with operations in Canada and Puerto Rico. Mr. Sifonte also collaborates with IMMP (Mexico), CMMI (Latin America and Spain) and Conscious Asset (Canada) as Master Instructor and Consultant. He is an active member of PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada and collaborates as Vice President of the Greater Toronto Area Chapter.