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Greeman Asset Management Academy is the educational arm of Greeman Asset Management Solutions Inc. We provide educational services to persons and organizations interested in improving the management of their physical assets. We offer courses both at the professional and C-Suite executive levels to prepare leaders to sponsor, lead and participate in their asset management transformation. GAMSINC has trained hundreds of persons globally, online and in-person, and has delivered workshops, webinars and training sessions across the USA and Canada for major corporations and many Canadian municipalities. GAMSINC is staffed with certified asset management assessors, advisors, and organizational excellence professionals who not only teach but are globally recognized asset management practitioners. Click the button below to learn more about Greeman Asset Management Solutions, Inc.


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Risk-Based Asset Criticality Assessment (R-b ACA) Handbook

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Sustainable Asset Management Focus is a quarterly Newsletter published by Greeman Asset Management Solutions Inc. Each quarter we will feature educational and informative articles on asset management, maintenance, reliability and global standards such as ISO 5500x. Our content is developed specifically for owners and managers of physical assets. This Newsletter is freely available and aims to help our clients to improve their asset management practices. One or more of our asset management and maintenance management courses will also be featured each quarter.


Greeman Asset Management Solutions President and Principal Asset Management Advisor

Principal Asset Management Instructor

Suzane Greeman

Suzane Greeman is the President and Principal Asset Management Advisor of Greeman Asset Management Solutions, a firm headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is a senior asset management consultant and instructor in North America and the author of “Risk-based Asset Criticality Assessment Handbook”. Suzane has worked across several asset management disciplines. Her asset experience spans 22 years in cement manufacturing, power generation, wastewater treatment, airport, and maritime transportation industries. She has held P&L responsibility for OpEx cost centres of up to $22 million U.S. and managed a capital program of up to $6 million U.S. She was also the interim Project Manager for a $400 million U.S. expansion and modernization program. She has developed and implemented competence-based learning programs valued at over $250,000 U.S. annually at several facilities. A lifelong learner, Suzane holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree as well as an MBA. She also holds the following certifications: Certified Manager of Quality & Organizational Excellence; Certified Asset Management Assessor; Certified Asset Management Professional; and Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional. Suzane is also a member of MC/ISO/TC 251, Canada’s mirror committee for ISO 5500x.