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Course curriculum

  1. 2
    • Lesson 1 - Front Matter

    • Survey #1 - Value of Asset Information

    • The Asset Information Love Song

    • Lesson 2 - Value of Information in Decision-making

    • Survey #2 - Asset Information Risks

    • Contemporary Asset Information Risks

    • Survey #3 - Asset Information Drivers

    • Asset Information Drivers

  2. 3
    • Lesson 1 - Front Matter

    • Survey #1 - Defining Asset Information

    • Lesson 2 - Defining Asset Information

    • Survey #2 - Asset Information and Life Cycle Phases

    • Lesson 3 - Asset Information & Life Cycle Phases

  3. 4
    • Lesson 1 - Front Matter

    • Survey #1 - Global Standards & Asset Information

    • Lesson 2 - Global Standards & Asset Information Management

    • Survey #2 - Asset Information Management Systems

    • Lesson 3 - Asset Information Management System (AIMS)

  4. 5
    • Lesson 1 - Front Matter

    • Survey #1 - Components of Asset Information Strategy

    • Lesson 2 - Asset Information Strategy

    • Survey #2 - Digitalization Strategy

    • Lesson 3 - Digital Transformation Strategy

  5. 6
    • Lesson 1 - Front Matter

    • Survey #1 - Defining Asset Information Standards

    • Lesson 2 - Defining Organizational Information Standards

    • Survey #2 - Common Asset Information Standards

    • Lesson 3 - Common Organizational Information Standards

    • Survey #3 - Creating an Asset Information Standard

    • Lesson 4 - Creating an Asset Information Standards

  6. 7
    • Lesson 1 - Front Matter

    • Survey #1 - Defining Asset Information Systems

    • Lesson 2 - Defining Asset Information Systems

    • Survey #2 - Design Factors for Asset Information Systems

    • Lesson 3 - Implementation Factors for Asset Information Systems

  7. 8
    • Lesson 1 - Front Matter

    • Survey #1 - Asset Data Management Considerations

    • Lesson 2 - Data Management & Data Quality

    • Survey #2 - Data and Information Roles

    • Lesson 3 - Understanding Data Roles

    • Survey #3 - Asset Information Governance

    • Lesson 4 - Information Governance & Continuous Improvement

  8. 9
    • Lesson 1 - Front Matter

    • Survey #1 - Contemporary AM Knowledge Risks

    • Lesson 2 - Asset Management Knowledge

    • Extra Reading on Knowledge Loss in Asset Dependent Firms

  9. 10
    • Course Conclusions

    • AM 103 - Final Quiz

    • Course Review/Critique

Asset Management 103

Asset Information Management, AM103, provides knowledge on asset information management, strategy, standards, and the related data management practices. The assets that an organization owns (or has custody of) exist only to provide value. Value is created and preserved through optimized decision-making and through analysis of asset information. Companies also need traceable information to prove regulatory compliance and to align operational activities with financial information. Now more than ever, to deliver asset performance and manage risks and costs, businesses need trustworthy data that is fit for purpose, accurate and reliable.
This course focuses on global best-in-class practices to holistically manage asset information to ensure that asset management decision-making is underpinned by trustworthy data. The course is anchored on four pillars: 1. Asset information value chain, 2. Asset Information Management System, 3. Digitalization, and 4. Knowledge management. The course content is mapped to the ISO 5500x family of standards and the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM) Asset Management Landscape. Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion on successful completion of the course.


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5 star rating

Excellent course on AIM

Patrice Chapi Siani

I have learned a lot in this course. I will be practicing the writing of Asset Information Standards by just following the step by step instructions taught...

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I have learned a lot in this course. I will be practicing the writing of Asset Information Standards by just following the step by step instructions taught in Unit 6. If you plan to implement a CMMS/ EAM system, I will strongly advise you to take this course first you will be saving a lot of money down the road.

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Principal Asset Management Instructor

Suzane Greeman

Suzane Greeman is the President and Principal Asset Management Advisor of Greeman Asset Management Solutions, a firm headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is a senior asset management consultant and instructor in North America with over 23 years of experience, working with clients who manage assets in excess of $75 Billion. She has worked across several asset management disciplines to implement asset management strategies for cement manufacturing, power generation, wastewater treatment, airport, and maritime transportation assets. A lifelong learner, Suzane holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree as well as an MBA. She also holds the following certifications: Asset Management Diploma (IAM), Certified Manager of Quality & Organizational Excellence (ASQ-CMQ/OE); Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA); Certified Asset Management Professional (CAMP); and Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP). Suzane is a member of ISO/TC 251 Committee for asset management and the Branch Leader for the IAM Manitoba Branch. Suzane maintains an active blog in the Sustainable Asset Management Newsletter and is a well sought-after keynote speaker. She also volunteers as a professional mentor to young professionals and undergraduate and post graduate university students. Suzane is the author of “Risk-based Asset Criticality Assessment (R-b ACA©) Handbook”.